140415 V-Chart Yin Yue Tai Awards with Kyuhyun [Rice]

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cr.ListentoKRY // [1] [2] [3]

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how handsome you are [listentoKRY]

140414 Kyuhyun at Incheon Airport going to Beijing (Cr.Xiao)

donghae stood up because he thought CNBlue wins~ actually they are just announcing the current poll and kyuhyun pulls donghae back to his seat “hyung you are so embarrassing”

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140415 Super Junior M at YinYueTai 2nd V-Chart award red carpet - KYUHYUN (Cr. Opty)

[HQ] 140415 V-Chart Award - Cho Kyuuuuuu <3 [Vichy]

[HQ] 140414 Kyuhyun at ICN airport [OPTY]

140414 Kyuhyun at ICN airport [Secret]